Online Directory

Online DirectoryWe are excited to announce our new online church directory.  For your computer, once you have received an email containing a username and temporary password, click on the following link:  This will take you to the directory.  You will be instructed to enter that username and password.  Once in the directory you can go to your name by typing your name in the search box or click on the first letter of your last name under the Members tab. You may now update any of your information (including your picture) and change the username and password to something easy for you to remember.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Phil Merritt at 309.824.0495 or Jan at  

The letter will give you a code to access the mobile app.  Once you download the app and put in the Mobile Code you can then enter your password and username.  Once you are in you can once again go to the Member tab and touch the first letter of your last name.  Then you can update your information (including your picture) and password.  
When you click on a Member (which includes regular attender) note that you can now click the icon to text, the phone icon to call them, or click on their email and it will open your email populated with their address.  And last but not least, when you touch their address it will open up in Maps and give you directions to their house.