Bill Moore

Bill Moore serving part-time with A.B.W.E. in Brazil

  • Praise God for His provision in allowing Bill to travel to Teresina, Brazil in June where he ministered to over 100 students at a Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Training Conference.  His students were mostly church group leaders and several pastors from the area.  Pray for Pastor Dario, senior pastor at a large 600+ member church with about 400 members participating in weekly small groups in homes scattered throughout the city where they can apply these counseling lessons.
  • Praise God for leading Mauricio, one of the hotel employees, to Bill.  Mauricio was very interested in Bill’s teaching of the Bible and would complete a small homework assignment Bill gave him each evening.  He is beginning to understand  the Gospel and began to bring his Bible to work.  Please pray for his salvation.  He is married with 3 children.
  • Praise God that Mauro, one of the students, shared with Bill how he was putting into practice the teaching that he had been receiving in Bill’s classes to instruct a client of his.  Pray for Bill as he prepares for two more trips this fall to Brazil and Portugal.  Pray for Nancy recovering from a knee replacement so that she can go with him to Portugal.

Dr. William L. Moore (Bill)
Lakewood Park Ministries
5555 CR 29
Auburn, IN 46706
260-925-2006 – Ext. 145


Updated April 2014