Brian and Lauri Dix

Brian and Lauri Dix, Missionaries with ABWE Serving with Horizon International Schools Online:

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·   Lori touches most all of our Horizon courses in some fashion but has dedicated a significant amount of time recently to two online courses—Critical Thinking (in English) and a revision of New Testament Survey (in Portuguese).  We are excited to announce that both of these courses are ready for online use!

·    Since returning from Brazil, I, Brian, have been focused on finishing the composition of Introduction to Theology.  I have been toiling away at this course for some time and have set a May 31st deadline.  We need to get it done so it can be translated into Russian by January.  Gratefully, several teammates are helping me with tasks, and we are on schedule.  Please pray with us as we develop these courses.  They need to be done well since they are translated into multiple languages and taught in Bible colleges around the globe.

·     This month our team launched another round of online training for online course facilitators.  This group consists of about 15 English-speaking professors from India, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Canada, and even a few from the USA.  Please pray that these gifted professors will be enabled to develop and utilize online tools in ways that are transformative in the lives of their students.




Updated June, 2017.