Josh and Toni Simos

Josh and Toni Simos serving in the Dominican Republic with Freedom International Ministries:

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The first quarter of the 2015-2016 school year has come to an end.  It has been quite a season of change and accomplishment.  Three-year-olds aren’t crying at school; instead they participate and interact.  Four-year-olds repeat English phrases constantly.  Kindergartners walk in lines with great bubbles in their mouths.  First graders work quietly in their seats during English until called for guided reading groups.  Second graders work together as a class to achieve a class party for having no office visits!  What a tremendous first quarter of growth, and to God be the glory for this!

We need items for our teachers’ workroom.  With five full classrooms, there is a need for a commercial copier.  We can now ship via container to the DR, so please let Toni know if you can help with anything related to a teacher work room.

Our apartment building is now four levels; eight apartments under roof.  The entire building will be solar powered and off the grid!  Please consider a construction trip.  We need some skilled guys or gals to  help us finish off this huge project.  Please come—Josh has vowed not to shave until we can move in!  And please pray for one more intern for this school year.  Contact us with any questions or check out the Freedom website for more info.  Click on Interns.



Updated September, 2015