Keith and Debby Jones

Please pray for missionaries Keith & Debby Jones serving with IBMGlobal Missions in Milan, Italy:

We praise God for the great turnout of neighborhood kids at our first summer English day camp.  Twenty-two of the 34 kids who attended were inside our ministry center for the first time.  Most of their parents had never been in the building.  We did Bible stories (Creation, God’s Power, Noah’s Ark, the Wise and Foolish Builders, Jesus walking on the water and calming the storm.)  One of the parents said, “I’m usually not in favor of my kids having religion, but I like your approach.”  When she asked her son, “Are you interested in the stories about Jesus?” he answered, “Oh yes, very much so!”

Now it is time to leave behind summer activities and look ahead to the fall.  We are excited about this weekend’s THE CAGE soccer outreach.  Using soccer played in a large, circular cage, we will bring the gospel out into the piazza on Saturdays and Sundays.  Please pray  that God would allow us to have contact with many young people and families in order to bring the gospel into their lives.

Pray also for Veritas Church, that we can be united, active and effective working together as one Body to make an impact in our neighborhood.  Pray that the weather will be good.  Pray that those giving testimonies during the event can speak clearly and communicate to the youths on their level.   Thank you for your prayers.


Updated September, 2015