Rosalynn Prough

Rosalynn Prough serving with Father’s Home in Ivanivka, Ukraine

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Praise God that Rosa has her new visa registration in hand and for the miraculous way God worked to make that happen.  Praise Him that she has been accepted into a new mission organization and will be meeting with the staff this fall to determine when to make the official changeover.  Pray for God’s perfect timing. 


Praise God for bringing Sergei Slad’s father, Anatoly, through heart stent surgery.  Pray for his physical recovery but most of all for his salvation—that he would repent of his hard heart and see himself as God sees him, in need of Christ’s saving grace.


Pray that God would make it possible for 10-yr-old Dasha and her baby sisters to finally be freed from their abusive mother and become eligible for adoption by a Christian couple that is willing to take in all three of them.  Pray for the children’s protection in the interim.

Dasha and her sisters