Shane and Kim Jones

Shane and Kim Jones with Tri-Grace Ministries Outreach to the Mormons of Utah

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Praise God that the Manti Pageant this year was one of the best ever with hundreds of Christians witnessing every night on the streets and  reports of adult Mormon couples, LDS individuals, and        teens who made professions of salvation right on the pageant streets—PRAISE BE TO GOD! Praise Him for the sweet fellowship of believers and the unity of the body of Christ at Manti that keeps growing every year. 

Pray for the Temple Outreach ministry now under way.  Pray that many who receive the “Non-Mormon Temple Visitor’s Guide”  will take the time to read it and compare the teachings of Mormonism with the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Bible.  Pray for conviction of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who are searching for the Truth.

Pray for the LDS missionaries who have come from all over the country to help with the opening—that God would open their eyes and challenge their beliefs either by conversations with the team or by reading the Non-Mormon Temple Guide.  Pray for many sincere exchanges of questions and answers as we “make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet doing it with gentleness and respect.”  

Evangelism Training for Manti Pageant


Melon Miles Cycling Fundraiser for Tri-Grace Ministries


Updated August, 2015