music / worship

Here at Harbour Shores Church we want our corporate worship to be God centered in its focus & content and transcendent in regards to style. During a Sunday morning service you will hear a variety of styles and genres of music as we seek to blend together songs, both ancient and contemporary, that are both doctrinally rich and artistically excellent.

Based upon John 4:23-24, we believe that worship must be done as Jesus commanded, “in spirit” (encompassing the whole being: mind, heart, soul and strength) and “in truth” (in accordance with and in obedience to God’s Word).

Based upon Revelation 4 & 5, we believe that God must be the subject and object of our worship.

Based upon Psalm 150, we believe that God commands and is worthy of both private/personal and public/corporate worship, praise and adoration.

There are many ways that you can serve and be involved in music/worship ministries at Harbour Shores…

  • Worship Band Instrumentalist
  • Worship Team Vocalist
  • Small Group Instrumentalist/Vocalist and/or Special Music Instrumentalist/Vocalist
  • Adult Choir (when in season, rehearses on Wednesday evenings)
  • Children's Choir
  • If you are interested in serving, please contact Amy & Patrick Fata, our Directors of Worship Ministry, at 

To serve/participate in music/worship ministries…

  • You must be a believer in and follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ and you must be living a life consistent with that profession of faith.
  • You must be a member, in good standing, or a regular attendee at Harbour Shores who has been faithfully involved for a minimum of four months (Note: “good standing” and “faithful involvement” is defined as participation in and consistent attendance to the Sunday morning worship service and to an ABF and/or PTM and/or Small Group).
  • You must understand that worship is a “life priority” (as stated in our Core Values).
  • You must be willing to work patiently and humbly with those who serve alongside of you in the ministry and you must be willing to submit to the leadership of Harbour Shores.
  • You must be proficient in and possess the basic abilities and skills needed for the area in which you wish to serve.