Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF)

Active participation in an Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) provides wonderful opportunities for in depth Bible study and discussion, they offer opportunity for fellowship activities, they create an avenue for you to connect personally and relationally with others in the body of Christ, and they can be a network and means for you to receive spiritual help, encouragement and prayer. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow in your knowledge of God and deepen your fellowship with other believers!

Please Note: All ABF’s meet regularly on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:15 a.m.

Family Life Center, The C.L.A.S.S. ABF:

The C.L.A.S.S. ABF meets on Sunday mornings in Family Life Center. Pastor Chris helps to lead this ABF but several gifted men share the teaching responsibility.  Please join us for a time of in-depth study and warm fellowship! For more information regarding this ABF, please contact either Chris & Anna Fritz, Rob & Cricket Blair, and/or Lyndel & Carrie Moe.

ABF Room #1, The Mountain Climbers ABF:

The Mountain Climber ABF is in a study of the book of Romans, Romans: The Way Things Really Are! Please join us for this very practical, life-changing study! If you are new to Harbour Shores, or if you do not already attend an ABF, we invite you to join with us each Sunday morning. For more information regarding The Mountain Climbers ABF, please feel free to contact either Tom & Kathy Greenslade and/or Josh & Julie Leonard.

ABF Room #2, Prayer Is Our Constant Resource:

Join the believers meeting in room #2 for a time of sweet prayer and encouragement! Prayer truly is our constant resource. Please feel free to contact Jim & Patty Paxton for more info.

ABF Room #9, Neos, Young Adults ABF:

Come and join our young adults group for study and prayer! We’re currently studying through the Gospels. 

ABF Room #6, The Fellowship ABF:

The Fellowship ABF is committed to growing in fellowship which includes Christ-centered study, community, service and outreach.  We are currently in a study called “Praying the Psalms”. If you join us, expect robust discussion, probing questions and a fellowship of transparent followers of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Stephen Schultze ([email protected] or 317.626.6707).

ABF Room #7, The Seekers ABF:

The current topic of study for the Seekers is the book “Worship: The Ultimate Priority”. For more information regarding The Seekers ABF, please feel free to contact Joe and Ruth Futrell.

ABF Room #8, The Alpha ABF:

Our ABF is currently in a study of the book of Proverbs! If you are not already attending an Adult Bible Fellowship, join us for this challenging and thought provoking study! For more information regarding The Alpha ABF, please contact either Steve & Nyla Kester or Paul & Nancy Radcliff.