PM Elective Classes

Sunday PM Elective Classes begin again on September 10th, 2023, at 5pm!

Are you looking to grow deep in your knowledge of God’s Word? Are you looking to grow in respect to a particular issue or field of study? If so, please consider participating in one of our many PM Electives. Each class aims to help you by strengthening and sharpening an important area of Christian study and practice.

Please Note: ALL PM Electives meet Sunday evening from 5:00pm to 6:30pm!

The courses offered are aimed at helping each of us learn to apply God’s Word to all areas of our lives.  Please contact Pastor Chris Fritz (317.984.5552) if you have questions about any of the courses that are being offered. It is our prayer that God will be magnified and glorified as you attend these courses and continue to grow in your faith!

CLICK HERE to sign up for one of the classes listed below!

Christian History Made Easy, with Stephen Schultze

This is a 12 week study to help you better understand the key events and people from church history that every Christian should know! This video-based study, led by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, will help present some of the most important events and fascinating people from church history. Come, learn, and rejoice in God’s work in God’s people throughout history! We have much to learn from the believers who have gone before us. The cost of the book is $10.00.

Exodus 19-40 – God of Freedom (Women Only), with Traci Slate

“God of Freedom” is a 10-session video Bible study on Exodus 19-40 which explores what freedom looks like for the Israelites under God’s good rule and laws. This study walks through verse-by-verse, revisiting scenes from the Ten Commandments, golden calf idle worship, and the tabernacle. Jen Wilkin invites you to study these account that can teach us today about how to live as those set free from sin and death.” The cost of the book is $25.00.

Untangling Emotions, with Fritz Good

Our emotions are complex, and most of us would admit that we don’t always know what to do with how we feel. The Bible teaches us that our emotions are an indispensable part of what makes us human; they play a crucial role in our relationships with God and others. Exploring how God designed emotions for our good, this book shows us how to properly engage with our emotions so we can better understand what they reveal about our hearts and handle them wisely. The cost of the book is $14.00.

Special Forces – Men’s Discipleship (Men Only), with Rob Blair and other men in the church!

Depending on who is interested, Special Forces will be offering one of our courses for 3-5 men on Sunday evening. This is open to any man, from Harbour Shores or beyond. This is a wonderful opportunity for men of all ages, for fathers and sons (who are in Jr. High and up) to learn and grow in Christ together. There is no cost to be a part of this training.

Other Sunday Evening Opportunities:

Awana and/or Nursery: Awana and nursery leaders and helpers are needed. Contact Steve & Nyla Kester for more info.

Alabaster Jar Indy: AJ Indy ministers to women at risk and involved in the sex trade. Contact Lynette Good for more info.

The Shore: The Shore is for those students in junior and senior high! Contact Matt Vohwinkel for more info.

Saturday Morning, 9am – 10:30am: Grief Share, with Debbie Leonard & Joy Clark (Starting September 9th)

Grief Share offers help and encouragement after the death of a loved one. It’s a special weekly seminar and support group designed to help you rebuild your life and continue on in your journey of faith with Christ. The workbook, group discussion, and videos (featuring Paul Tripp, Joni Eareckson Tada, Ed Welch, Erwin Lutzer, Michael Card, and others) will be an encouragement and blessing to you. The book costs $15.00.