Benevolent Help

As part of the Body of Christ, we recognize we are to care for others in need as unto the Lord. During His earthly ministry, Christ modeled how we should care for both the spiritual and physical needs of people. We encourage our members to care for one another as individuals, small groups and Adult Bible Fellowships. However, there are times when the needs are greater than these other approaches can provide. This is where the Benevolent Ministry kicks into gear.

The Benevolent Ministry makes use of people/skills, materials and finances to meet the needs of those who are a part of HSC. It is administered by the Deacons, who coordinate and who are accountable for stewardship of this area.

If you are in need, we encourage you to let your needs be known so that we can serve as the Word has commanded. If you would like to be involved in helping others by using your skill or contributing material or money, please let us know ([email protected] or 317.984.5552).