In many circles. “puggle” is a common term for a baby platypus. In children’s ministry circles, Awana Puggles is an enriching program for your pre-Cubbies kids (usually older 2- and younger 3- year-olds) that present basic biblical concepts:

  • We are a unique creation of God
  • God loves us very much

Awana Puggles teaches toddlers simple lessons through teaching cards, activities, music and more. Awana Puggles leaders have a leader’s guidebook to help them plan and direct club time and communicate the lesson.

Then parents-and Awana Puggle’s first and best teacher can step in to reinforce the lessons with take-home cards that include ideas to point out God’s work each day. And little details like Awana Puggle’s T-shirts, puzzles, and coloring books make every precious child feel like part of the group.