To provide Scripture saturated materials and tools to the church body for the purpose of sharing with those who are struggling, hurting or in need of encouragement, comfort and support.


Possible different ideas for encouragement and ministry baskets:

  • For someone who is an in-patient at a hospital for personal encouragement.
  • Another in-patient basket for the staff & visitors that provide a tract, chocolate and/or healthy snacks.
  • A basket for loved ones who are in a waiting room for long surgeries or critical care situations.
  • For caregivers & staff for chronic and regular treatment situations
  • A gift/mug in which to “Welcome” someone to the neighborhood.


Possible items which could be included in gift bag/basket:

  • lotion
  • lip balm
  • cozy blanket
  • travel facial tissue pack
  • toothpaste/toothbrush/mouthwash
  • immune booster supplements
  • pen & small notebook
  • crossword puzzles, word search, etc.
  • coloring books and crayons for children
  • “31 Days of Trusting God” devotional
  • Promise books
  • New Testaments
  • Bible verse cards/plaques for posting in rooms
  • “You Can Trust God” booklets
  • various tracts (including Spanish when needed)
  • chocolates
  • fruit snacks rol-ups
  • granola/Cliff bars
  • trail mix
  • cookie packets
  • gum packs
  • other items

Better EQUIP: 

Are you interested in finding out specifics, need to get a bag/basket to someone, or want to help be part of the EQUIP ministry planning team? Contact us and let us know how we can help you to better equip and serve our local church together.