You have been given gifts by God to share with the Body of Christ! Some of you may already know your areas of passion and giftedness. Others may be wondering where they can serve. Either way, we want to encourage your service and giftedness.

Yes, you can try a ministry to see if it is a fit for you! You may feel most comfortable shadowing someone who is doing the ministry of interest to learn from them in living color.

On the other hand, you may be ready to jump into a ministry and get going. We love your desire and enthusiasm and will connect you to the coordinator for that given ministry area.

It is clear, those who are most satisfied with the church family are those who are serving with their church family. We want you to be one of the people who are thrilled to see how God uses imperfect people to accomplish His will on earth as it is heaven.

Please feel free to contact Pastor Stephen Schultze at for more information on how you can serve and engage with the body here at HSC!